First off, regarding your landscaping projects, a warning. Do not dig on site to avoid harming the system, but add a maximum of 10 cm of earth on top of it.

Also, be wary of heavy vehicles.In answer to those of you who would like to plant a vegetable garden on their leach field, here are a couple of possibilities and some points to consider:

If you want to have raised beds (on supports, see picture), make sure that the snow can still cover the ground come winter, as it has an important insulation role for your system.

potager sur pied

You would rather simple raised beds? Add a geotextile to create a clear boundary.


Finally, public authorities recommend against planting a vegetable garden directly on top of your septic system. Although there is no risk from a well-functioning septic system, there could be temporary inadequate infiltration conditions, for example. The roots of your vegetables could then be drawing directly from untreated water.

Go with flowers in this case.

Thanks for your questions! If you would like us to address a specific subject, please share it with us. We would be happy to provide an answer.

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