The simplest yet cost-effective and eco-friendly technology to treat wastewater.

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Septic Systems for Isolated Dwellings 1

Types of Septic Systems for Isolated dwellings

Installation Septique pour Résidence Isolée
Septic Systems for Isolated Dwellings 3

The Advanced Enviro))Septic technology is at the heart of System O)). Its treatment process is a controlled and concentrated reproduction of our ecosystem’s auto-regeneration cycle.

This technology combines wastewater distribution, treatment and infiltration in one simple step.

Combined with your septic tank, our wastewater treatment solutions are cost-effective

Little to no maintenance

No filtering media replacement, no pump-out of pipes, no moving parts to maintain or replace

Long-lasting installation

The pipe is guaranteed 20 years by the manufacturer and the polyethylene has a 200-year life underground.

No power required

The biological technology at the heart of System O)) solutions does not require electricity.


Onsite Residential Wastewater Treatment Technologies, standard applied in Canada and managed by the BNQ;

Standalone Wastewater Treatment Systems for Isolated Isolated dwellings, standard applied in the province of Québec, in Canada and managed by the BNQ (Bureau de normalisation du Québec – Quebec Standards Bureau)

Wastewater Treatment by Compact Filter Process, approval from the Commission mandated to provide approvals (Commission Chargée de Formuler des Avis Techniques – CCFAT) from the Scientific and Technical Centre – Construction Industry (Centre scientifique et technique du bâtiment – CSTB), standard in effect in France;

Residential Onsite Systems, standard applied in the U.S.A. and managed by the National Sanitation Foundation;
(European conformity – Conformité Européenne) CE marking allows a product to be distributed freely across the European Union.

Small autonomous domestic wastewater treatment systems up to 50 residents, standard in effect in Europe and managed by the CEBEDEAU – Centre d’expertise en eau de la Belgique (Belgium’s Water Authority);