Learn about the role of the Advanced Enviro Septic technology in System O)) wastewater treatment solutions.

Enviro Septic technology

The Advanced Enviro))Septic technology at the heart of System O)) wastewater solutions with a perforated pipe made of high density polyethylene. It is wrapped in a polypropylene fibre membrane that acts as a support for the biomass and includes a bio-accelerator that promotes the system’s effectiveness.  The whole set-up is wrapped in a geotextile that prevents the surrounding filtering sand from seeping into the pipe.

System O Wastewater Ontario Solutions

Who can use System O)) wastewater solutions?

Whether you plan to build a tiny house in the woods or you represent a commercial, community-based or institutional project, System O)) wastewater treatment solutions can be combined with any septic tank to  adapt to your needs.

enviro septic system


Does not require power

No mechanical parts to activate, no wires to bury, no additional expenses, no worries!

No maintenance

The technology does not require draining or replacement of filter media, nor any system maintenance of mechanical parts.


20-year warranty. Our first septic installations are now over 30 years old and continue to provide their optimal performance.