DBO))Clic – The Lifting Station

How does a lifting station connected to a leaching field work? Professor DBO has lots to say about them, whether you've got one in your septic system, or you're designing one for a client.

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A case study of a very large System O)) wastewater treatment facility with water recovery to irriguate green spaces of a base camp in the Sahara Desert

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DBO))Clic – System Sand

System sand plays an important role in the optimal wastewater treatment inside a System O)) septic system. DBO Expert shares a description of the various criteria that must be observed.

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DBO))Clic – Effluent Filters

Although its introduction brings many advantages, in particular on the longevity of the septic installation, effluent filters also require biannual maintenance.

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DBO))Clic – Septic System Additives

Among all the advantages offered by the Advanced Enviro))Septic pipes within System O)) wastewater treatment systems, it is its completely passive operation that is most note-worthy. A system that is…

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Neuville Rest Area

This System O)) installation treats the wastewater coming from a gas station and 2 restaurants. Restaurants produce extremely high organic loads and high amounts of fat.

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