The flow of water through the soil – DBO))Clic

The flow of wastewater through the soil is difficult to observe in the field, but an understanding of how it behaves through the different layers of material that make up a treatment or leaching unit could help us make better decisions when preparing plans and specifications of a septic system, all the while complying with applicable local laws and regulations.

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DBO))Clic – Maintenance of System O)) septic systems

The required maintenance of a wastewater treatment system is an important element to consider when choosing between different technologies. You should know the obligations you’ll face once you install a septic system, to avoid unpleasant surprises. Although the Advanced Enviro))Septic technology is at the core of a System O)) solution, each has varying maintenance needs.

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DBO))Clic – The Lifting Station

How does a lifting station connected to a leaching field work? Professor DBO has lots to say about them, whether you've got one in your septic system, or you're designing one for a client.

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DBO))Clic – System Sand

System sand plays an important role in the optimal wastewater treatment inside a System O)) septic system. DBO Expert shares a description of the various criteria that must be observed.

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DBO))Clic – Septic System Additives

Among all the advantages offered by the Advanced Enviro))Septic pipes within System O)) wastewater treatment systems, it is its completely passive operation that is most note-worthy. A system that is…

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