Inspections 2022

2022 Inspections Results – DBO))Clic

Despite almost all inspected System O)) systems being in excellent condition in 2022, DBO Expert continues to raise awareness among its clients and partners on how their sustainability is a direct result of proper design, installation, and use.

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Odours coming from a septic system – DBO))Clic

Gas production is inevitable for any wastewater treatment technology based on microorganisms. A well-conceived and unhindered ventilation circuit is crucial to the efficient dissipation of gasses – which means no issues with odours that are linked to the treatment system.

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The flow of water through the soil – DBO))Clic

The flow of wastewater through the soil is difficult to observe in the field, but an understanding of how it behaves through the different layers of material that make up a treatment or leaching unit could help us make better decisions when preparing plans and specifications of a septic system, all the while complying with applicable local laws and regulations.

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