Thank you, current owners, for choosing System O)), an eco-friendly wastewater treatment system that combines with any septic tank to protect our environment, drinking water and waterways. We are proud to count you among our many customers in Quebec. 

You will find on this page all the information you need to ensure your septic system functions optimally and to comply with the requirements of the Quebec Ministry of the Environment.

Annual Fees

You will receive every year a bill for the annual fees related to the Monitoring Contract.

You can pay these fees, with your 8-digit client number, in the following ways:

  • By online banking, same as with your other bills, in many financial institutions;
  • By credit card with the button provided below;
  • by cheque.

Whatever method you choose, please remit by February 15.

You can also complete the Pre Authorised Debit form so that the annual fees can be debited directly from your account, once the bill is sent to the contact information specified in the Monitoring Contract.

Simply send us the completed form to [email protected].

The Monitoring Contract

A Monitoring Contract with DBO Expert includes the following:

  • keeping a registry of information regarding your septic system and its annual inspections;
  • maintaining a 20-year limited warranty on the Enviro))Septic pipes;
  • our year-round technical support;
  • an annual inspection;
  • sending a compliance report to the municipality, and
  • a monthly newsletter.

To comply with Quebec regulations, please download and complete the Monitoring Contract, then send it to your municipality and to [email protected].

The User Guide: a must for all septic system owners

Your System O)) installation was designed to efficiently and ecologically treat wastewater from your isolated dwelling for several years. Certain instructions must however be respected to maintain its level of performance. The User Guide explains the rules for use and monitoring that you must follow. It also mentions the owner’s responsibilities towards the requirements of applicable laws and regulations. You may also read the Environment Ministry’s Best Practices Guide for owners of septic systems (French only).

Your brother, best friend or business colleague needs to choose among the septic systems on the market? If you refer them to us, the next year of your Monitoring Contract could be free!

Just fill in this form and, if your referral becomes our client, your next bill will be set to $0.

Referral Program

20-Year Warranty

The Advanced Enviro Septic pipes are guaranteed for 20 years by the manufacturer. In Quebec, your monitoring contract with DBO Expert allows you to maintain this guarantee.

Did you install a water softener?

You have a drinking water treatment device and you absolutely need to connect it to your System O)) septic system?

DBO Expert has established a list of criteria that could mitigate the impact of backwash on your septic system.

Share these criteria with your drinking water treatment device provider.

water Softner in Septic Systems

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