Tertiary Treatment with UV-lamp disinfection

Traitement tertiaire des eaux usées avec lampe UV
Tertiary Treatment with UV-lamp disinfection 1

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Your choice of a septic system is limited because your site requires disinfection?

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Tertiary Treatment with UV-lamp disinfection 1

Discover the System O)) tertiary treatment solution with UV lamp for projects in or near environmentally sensitive zones.

Traitement secondaire avancé System O))

A System O)) installation in a waterproof membrane with a UV lamp at the discharge location ensures a level of pathogens so low that it is practically undetectable.

This amazing performance is thanks to the clarity of the run-off from the Advanced Enviro))Septic technology after barely 6 months of use. 

With such clear water, the lamp’s ultraviolet rays can better reflect and eliminate fecal coliforms.

Système de distribution & d'infiltration (SDI)



Affordable at time of purchase, and annual monitoring costs are reasonable when compared to other systems


Benchmarking test results allow discharge to a ditch or a waterway


The technology at the heart of the system has a 20-year manufacturer’s warranty

Tertiary Treatment with UV-lamp disinfection 3


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Standalone Wastewater Treatment Systems for Isolated Isolated dwellings, standard applied in the province of Québec, in Canada and managed by the BNQ (Bureau de normalisation du Québec – Quebec Standards Bureau)

Wastewater Treatment by Compact Filter Process, approval from the Commission mandated to provide approvals (Commission Chargée de Formuler des Avis Techniques – CCFAT) from the Scientific and Technical Centre – Construction Industry (Centre scientifique et technique du bâtiment – CSTB), standard in effect in France;

Residential Onsite Systems, standard applied in the U.S.A. and managed by the National Sanitation Foundation;
(European conformity – Conformité Européenne) CE marking allows a product to be distributed freely across the European Union.

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