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In the Quebec budget presented March 22, 2022, the tax credit for upgrading your septic system was renewed for another 5 years – until 2027. This refundable tax credit is up to 20% of admissible expenses over $2,500. The maximum tax credit is $5,500.


The government has set aside 52.8 million dollars over the next five years to improve wastewater management – and preserve the quality of Quebec’s waterways, as well as our water tables! Of this amount, 38 million are reserved for homeowners in the septic system upgrades.


Did you know that between 2017 and 2022, only 16,000 homeowners took advantage of this government subsidy? The Environment Ministry estimates there are about 1 million autonomous septic systems in Quebec. By all accounts, this tax credit has great potential to help citizens protect the environment.


And you? Will you take advantage of this opportunity?

You need to upgrade your septic system?


Check out our Before Buying Guide for help on how to proceed with this project, or contact your local representative. We can help clear this up for you – free of obligation.

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  1. Dave

    Good afternoon,
    We recently have upgraded our 40yr old septic system to a new multi chamber unit with UV and phosphate removal because we are on the lake and it was required by the new quebec regulation.
    i recently was made aware of a tax credit that we could apply for.
    I would like to know how we apply for this.

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