We’ve been saying it for years: System O)) systems based on Advanced Enviro))Septic (AES) technology that were designed, installed and used in compliance to our guides are durable and long-lasting.


This technology has existed since 1987. The original systems installed over 30 years ago are still functional, in perfect condition and still treat wastewater with the same efficiency.




Many different biological mechanisms allow us to explain this phenomenon.

DBO))Clic - Sludge 1
The inside of an Enviro))Septic pipe (without bioaccelerator) from a system in continuous operation for the past 15 years


The wastewater accesses the Advanced Enviro))Septic pipes by waves according to the water use in the home. The water disappears gradually by infiltration, regimented by the pipes and the sand surrounding the pipes. These intermittent waves force the bacteria in the pipes to alternate between aerobic and anaerobic modes, that is, in the presence or absence of O2. These continuous changes mean that the bacteria produce less sludge than bacteria that only operate in one mode.


Bacteria fast during the night, when residents reject little to no water. This fast forces bacteria to store their energy rather than to use it for reproduction. This natural control of the biomass is an important factor in the reduction of sludge.


An advantage of Advanced Enviro))Septic technology is that it acts as an ecosystem completely open to nature. A multitude of indigenous organisms, such as worms and insects, access the pipes. These organisms participate in a significant way to the reduction of the biomass and the elimination of minerals.


The degradation of organic matter leaves minerals behind. In the case of a system open to the environment such as a System O)) solution, minerals are redistributed through the metabolic cycles of the organisms surrounding the ecosystem, such as the worms and insects mentioned in the Predation paragraph, but also the root systems that access the interior of Advanced Enviro))Septic pipes.

to conclude

« Nothing is lost, nothing is created, everything transforms », Antoine Laurent Lavoisier. This famous quote summarizes perfectly what occurs naturally in the ecosystem created by Advanced Enviro))Septic pipes.


While every wastewater treatment system will create by-products, it’s not every system that is able to harmoniously reintroduce them into nature’s cycles.

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