Thank you for choosing a septic system that respects the environment and protects our waterways. We are proud to count you among our nearly 10,000 customers. 

You will find on this page all the information you need to ensure your septic system functions optimally and to comply with the requirements of the Quebec Ministry of the Environment.

A Monitoring Contract: a Regulatory Requirement but also Peace of Mindi

In addition to helping protect the compliance of your septic system with government authorities, your annual monitoring contract allows you to maintain its warranty, and take advantage of our support throughout the year.

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The User Guide: a must for all septic system owners

Your System O)) installation was designed to efficiently and ecologically treat wastewater from your detached residence for several years. Certain instructions must however be respected to maintain its level of performance.

The User Guide explains the rules for use and monitoring that you must follow. It also mentions the owner’s responsibilities towards the requirements of applicable laws and regulations.

You may also read the ministère de l’Environnement du Québec’s Best Practices Guide (insert link: http:// www.environnement.gouv.qc.ca/eau/eaux-usees/residences_isolees/Guide-bonnes-  pratiques-proprio-dispositifs.pdf) for owners of wastewater treatment


20-Year Warranty

The Advanced Enviro))Septic pipes are guaranteed for 20 years by the manufacturer. Your monitoring contract with DBO Expert allows you to maintain this guarantee

Did you install a water softener?

Septic systems based on Advanced Enviro))Septic technology can now process water from water softener backwashes, under certain conditions.

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