Tertiary treatment Biofilter Waterloo

des eaux usées avec désinfection pour votre domicile.
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Compact solution ideal for discharge into the environment

The Waterloo Biofilter easily adapts to even the most difficult sites, whether your lot is small, or the bedrock, water table or impervious ground layer are close to the surface, or your installation is located in an environmentally-sensitive area. 


This technology is well adapted to the Canadian climate.  It maintains a high yield even in cold weather, it eliminates a significant part of the nitrogen present in wastewater, and it does not take a lot of space on the lot.

How does it work?

Tertiary treatment Biofilter Waterloo 2


The key to the Waterloo Biofilter is its patented filter medium. Wastewater is distributed evenly over the filter where it is absorbed and held just long enough to allow an efficient reduction of pollutants.


As the wastewater slowly trickles down, naturally occurring microorganisms develop on the medium, where they degrade and decompose solid and organic matter to eliminate some of the fecal coliforms to produce a clear, odorless output.


Finally, the biofilter output is sent to a UV reactor to finalize the treatment by destroying the rest of the fecal coliforms to produce a quality tertiary effluent that can be subject to different types of discharges in accordance with Québec regulations.


Requires very little power


Needs minimal maintenance


Has a permanent filter medium

Tertiary treatment Biofilter Waterloo 3

Who should be considering this system?

The Waterloo Biofilter with disinfection is a tertiary level certified domestic wastewater treatment system for residential areas.

This technology can also be used to treat wastewater from small businesses or other types of buildings with a total daily flow of 3,240 liters or less.

Tertiary treatment Biofilter Waterloo 4


On-site Residential Wastewater Treatment Technologies, standard applied in Canada and managed by the BNQ;

Standalone Wastewater Treatment Systems for Isolated Isolated dwellings, standard applied in the province of Québec, in Canada and managed by the BNQ (Bureau de normalisation du Québec – Quebec Standards Bureau)

Wastewater Treatment by Compact Filter Process, approval from the Commission mandated to provide approvals (Commission Chargée de Formuler des Avis Techniques – CCFAT) from the Scientific and Technical Centre – Construction Industry (Centre scientifique et technique du bâtiment – CSTB), standard in effect in France;

Residential Onsite Systems, standard applied in the U.S.A. and managed by the National Sanitation Foundation;
(European conformity – Conformité Européenne) CE marking allows a product to be distributed freely across the European Union.

Small autonomous domestic wastewater treatment systems up to 50 residents, standard in effect in Europe and managed by the CEBEDEAU – Centre d’expertise en eau de la Belgique (Belgium’s Water Authority);

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