DBO Expert is proud to offer products from the Quebec company ATTITUDE to its clients. Their cleaning and disinfecting products are entirely designed to minimize their environmental impact and carbon footprint, and in the same vein, on septic tanks and System O)) septic systems.


Disinfectants have become quite popular over the past year, but their use must be carefully monitored by septic system owners. Indeed, when used excessively or continuously, household products can inhibit the bacterial activity of the septic tank and downstream treatment systems.


This decrease in treatment efficiency can directly impact the condition of the installation and pollute the environment.


But how can we reduce the impact of household products on a septic system?

Although they can also be designed for disinfection, biodegradable products such as those offered by ATTITUDE can degrade over time, making them eventually harmless. Thus, the potential impact of overusing a biodegradable household product is reduced over the long term!


That’s why, from today until September 15, 2021, all Quebec customers with an active monitoring contract will be able to receive an exclusive promotional code by email giving them access to a 10% discount on all online purchases of any ATTITUDE product.


Well known for its ecological cleaning products, the company, with their production plant based in Sherbrooke, also markets several other product lines, each one quite different from the other.


All new Quebec owners of a System O)) installation will receive, free of charge, an ATTITUDE product delivered directly to their doorstep, following the receipt of their monitoring contract by our team.

Adopt the right ATTITUDE and preserve nature’s balance. Your System O)) septic system will thank you for it!

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