The Advanced Enviro))Septic technology at the heart of all System O)) solutions are completely passive with an incredibly simple use. However, some elements – such as ventilation – are essential to ensure its optimal functioning, unequalled durability and worry-free performance.


System O)) solutions must provide the bacteria that treat the water with sufficient oxygen – whether through the air or in the water itself. The free passage of air within the Advanced Enviro))Septic pipes must be assured for their metabolism. Also, fermentation gasses are generated during the biological degradation of pollutants, both within the pipes and, especially, within the pre-treatment (septic) tank. These gasses must be allowed to evacuate by the roof vent, ideally, to eliminate the risk of odours.


For these reasons, System O)) solutions must be properly ventilated from the entry vent at the far end of the system, through the Advanced Enviro))Septic pipes, the distribution box and the septic tank to finish through the exit vent, which is located on the roof of the house.

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The ventilation of a System O)) solution has an impact on its optimal functioning, unequalled durability and worry-free performance

Once installed, what can homeowners do about ventilating their septic systems?

First, the effluent filter must be cleaned twice a year. The effluent filter can accumulate solids with time, leading to its blockage, which will also block the passage of air. This will not only reduce the efficiency of the treatment, but will force the fermentation gasses to exit from the easiest and closest exit – the entry vent. Problems with odours can then occur.


Then, the possibility of reducing the height of the entry vent (at the end of the system) is often done for aesthetic reasons – to better hide the vent in the surroundings. (This cannot be done with the exit vent (at the start of the system) since a 3-m minimum differential must be maintained between the vents.) In cold climates, the entry vent must be returned to an adequate height before it starts snowing: the blockage of the entry vent by the snow will also block the system’s ventilation, leading to an ineffective treatment and potential problems with odours.


In the interest of ensuring home owners benefit from an efficient and worry-free System O)) solution, they must be aware of the need to maintain proper ventilation within the system.


For more on this subject on a design and installation stand-point, please consult the following DBO))Clic – Ventilation.

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