Although Advanced Enviro))Septic pipes are at the core of the purifying performance of System O)) installations, system sand (filter sand) also plays an important role in its success.

DBO))Clic - System Sand 1
Professor DBO reminds you of the importance of system sand in a System O)) installation.

System sand controls the speed at which the water flows out of the Advanced Enviro))Septic pipes. This slower flow rate caused by the sand makes its very good at extracting minute particles from the water by filtration, but also allows sufficient retention time for microorganisms in the pipes to assimilate pollutants.


With a too-high fine particle percentage, or with particles that are too fine, water has a tendency to stagnate and the sand can clog.


On the other hand, with a too-high percentage of coarse particles, or with particles that are too coarse, water will infiltrate too rapidly without ridding itself of pollutants.


And if the mix is too varied between the fine and coarse particles, the smaller ones will fill the air voids between the larger ones and will impede the water’s flow.


To maximise the success of this leaching process, DBO Expert has determined the right balance, the results of which you can find in this DBO))Clic.

A long-Lasting Installation

System sand is a key element in the operation of a System O)) septic installation, particularly because of the balance it provides between water flow rate and retention.


In the interest of benefiting from a System O)) septic installation with optimal life span and treatment capacity, it will always be vital to ensure that the system sand corresponds to the required criteria across the board.


For a more scientific approach to this subject, please download our DBO))Clic – System Sand.

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