The required maintenance of a wastewater treatment system is an important element to consider when choosing between different technologies. Whether it’s about the time required to do the maintenance, the number of times it should be done annually or how many components require replacing or fixing, you should know the obligations you’ll face once you install a septic system, to avoid unpleasant surprises.


There are many different kinds of System O)) solutions, according to site conditions, daily flow and required treatment. Although the Advanced Enviro))Septic technology is at the core of a System O)) solution, each of these different solutions have varying maintenance needs.


Our goal here is not to be specific, but to provide an overview of the maintenance recommendations for each System O)) solution. You will then know what actions are required for each model, and be in a position to better inform your clients. Local regulations take precedence and must be complied with above all else.

Traitement tertiaire des eaux usées avec lampe UV
As this is a completely passive treatment system, without requiring any media change or moving parts, the maintenance of secondary treatment System O)) solutions with infiltration is minimal.


Residential System O)) solutions

Under the Regulation respecting waste water disposal systems for isolated dwellings, chapter Q-2, r. 22 of the Environment Quality Act, residential systems with secondary and tertiary treatment must, according to article 3.3, undergo a minimal annual maintenance.



The annual minotoring done by a DBO inspector is done once a monitoring contract is signed between the parties. With this inspection, a global portrait is made of the system’s capacity to treat and infiltrate water. The data collected over the years helps us confirm that a well-designed system, installed and used in accordance with our guides, is extremely reliable and durable!

Commercial, community or institutional System O)) solutions

According to Annexe 10 – Environmental monitoring of domestic wastewater treatment systems (French-only link), a minimal standard monitoring is required for commercial, community and institutional s(CCI) systems. In Québec, the Dephos O)) and chemical phospherus removal solutions are still included in this category, to date. It is moreover pertinent to mention that monthly sampling is required for all teritiary treatment systems with surface discharge, including Dephos O)), chemical phosphorus removal and UV disinfection, whatever the daily flow.

Although owners need not be under contract with the manufacturer for the monitoring of their CCI system, know that DBO Expert offers inspection and training services, so that owners can take charge of the monitoring of their system.


In the same way as residential systems, a minimal annual monitoring of System O)) solutions is necessary to have a clear image of the state of the system and the native soil. prevent possible problems and ensure the environment’s protection.


We’ve provided an overview of the minimal obligations related to the maintenance of the different System O)) solutions to adequately inform designers or future owners so that they can choose a technology with their eyes wide open.



For more on this subject, please consult the DBO))Clic – Maintenance of various System O)) solutions.


Our local representatives are available to advise you and present you all our available System O)) wastewater treatment solutions.


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