An effluent filter is an accessory to the septic tank, installed at its exit.


Required or strongly recommended in most Canadian provinces for all precast septic tanks, the effluent filter is an improvement on the treatment chain.


Although its introduction brings many advantages, in particular on the longevity of the septic installation, it also introduces some constraints that we must be aware of.

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Prof DBO recommends you clean your effluent filter regularly to ensure the longevity of your septic system

What is its role?

The primary role of an effluent filter is to retain certain particles in the septic tank. It consists in reducing the effluent’s organic load as it moves toward the treatment unit.

The importance of cleaning an effluent filter

As the effluent filter retains particles, their accumulation and the microbial development on the filter could clog it completely.


A clogged effluent filter will stop water from leaving the septic tank from its intended exit, which will make the water level rise inside the tank so that the fat, oil and grease that float on top of the water level and some suspended solids could flow over the effluent filter to reach the treatment unit. The organic overload can harm the treatment unit’s performance.


A clogged effluent filter can also block the passage of air, forcing fermentation gasses to leave the system by the field vent because it can’t reach the plumbing vent. This means that odours could be noticed near the system.


To avoid these situations and ensure peace of mind, the effluent filter should be cleaned twice a year.

How to clean an effluent filter

Professor DBO has prepared a short video to explain how to clean an effluent filter.


If you have an questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information!

to conclude

The effluent filter is a simple and effective accessory that reduces the organic load of the effluent and helps the treatment downstream.


Its disadvantage is in its crucial requirement to clean out twice a year to allow you to benefit from an efficient septic installation, without odours, for many, many years!


For more technical details on this subject, please see the document DBO))Clic – Effluent Filters.

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