In October 2019, DBO Expert was awarded a new technical approval from Quebec’s Environment Ministry allowing it to offer specific solutions for commercial, community-based and institutional projects.


These projects, for installations with a daily flow above 3,240 L, now have access to four separate System O)) solutions, that is:


Septic solutions for all kinds of projects, big and small 1

This last solution – branded Dephos O)) – is the only passive tertiary treatment solution with a technical data sheet from the BNQ (Bureau de normalisation du Québec). The treatment removes over 99% of the phosphorous and up to 99.5% of the pathogens from the septic tank effluent, without the need for electrodes or UV lamps.


Projects near sensitive zones now have access to an affordable solution that requires only minimal maintenance. In Quebec, owners of isolated dwellings in these zones can also join together to create a common installation. Each dwelling having its own septic tank, these dwellings – of which the combined number of bedrooms is 6 or above – can now rely on a solution that is efficient and long-lasting.


Do you have wastewater treatment needs for a commercial project? Be it for a building, a hotel, a school, a campground, a mining or logging camp or other, we have a solution for you! Don’t hesitate to reach out to one of our experts to discuss it, or you can also speak to our technical team!

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